1 Maccabees - The Old Testament

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1 Maccabees - The Old Testament, jonathan, king, demetrius, alexander, jerusalem, army, thousand, royal, judaea, ptolemais, meet, apollonius, testament, three, kingdom, forces, cavalry, over, jews, ancestors, priest, troops, returned, ptolemy, citadel, plain, days, hearing, azotus, large, letter, year, made, land, battle, temple, sanctuary, throne, governor, silver, kings, paid, daughter, exempt, maccabees, routed, henceforth, exchequer, wrote, authority, city, work, walls, ordered, himself, citizens, people, joppa, nation, refuge, given, appointed, purple, friend, dagon, outside, friends, fact, give, annually, attack, shekels, joined, enemy, horsemen, previous, message, honour, egypt, towns, pursued, cleopatra, kind, ascended, simon, reconstruction, israel, fled, release, country, fortresses, stone, restoration, beth, account, golden, greetings, brother, surrendered, hostages, assembled, occupied, holy, bible, first, terms, ally, brothers, wrongs, crown, friendly, control, samaria, annexed, districts, garrison, molest, officers, others, among, dues, grant, happened, sacred, relations, friendship, position, faith, jewish, follows, regards

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