Deuteronomy - The Old Testament

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Deuteronomy - The Old Testament, yahweh, yield, country, nation, soil, blessed, accursed, having, cattle, strike, given, destroyed, voice, commandments, testament, throughout, made, send, offspring, enemy, enemies, eyes, give, laying, towns, deuteronomy, world, gods, rain, heavens, head, words, sons, serve, siege, distress, reduce, plagues, heart, trees, unknown, sole, foot, daughters, earth, increase, people, befall, obeyed, ancestors, overtake, higher, countryside, besiege, town, keeping, inside, descendants, olive, wine, taking, basket, yourself, flesh, lower, happy, embraces, making, delight, used, life, morning, covenant, evening, wish, egypt, afflict, refined, children, stone, fastidious, women, diseases, book, birth, scowl, kneading, bible, curses, laws, flock, obey, fasten, perish, bless, observe, serving, labours, right, name, nations, subject, holy, tail, peoples, seven, fever, hitherto, over, advance, going, sights, trough, coming, home, direction, gather, wild, flee, pursue, ulcers, cure, plant, exploited, anything, wood

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