Daniel - The Old Testament

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Daniel - The Old Testament, lord, praise, bless, glorify, king, furnace, nebuchadnezzar, abed, nego, shadrach, meshach, worship, statue, burning, fire, fiery, blessed, heart, thrown, serve, majesty, prostrate, nations, servants, peoples, holy, golden, testament, gods, save, three, flames, burnt, kind, pipe, languages, name, bagpipe, world, exalted, shame, sound, whole, zither, harp, lyre, horn, true, glorified, power, heavens, everlasting, kingdom, daniel, death, glorious, azariah, ancestors, accordance, praised, bound, province, made, commanded, instrument, babylon, satraps, refuse, governors, magistrates, himself, cubits, treasurers, glory, round, angel, counsellors, rescue, judges, sacrifice, offerings, wonders, treat, extolled, signs, thanks, give, waters, cold, love, throughout, limb, bodies, advisers, bible, snow, israel, blessing, immediately, anyone, yourselves, dedication, thus, chaldaeans, jews, certain, command, cloaks, heat, decree, effect, upright, deeds, lawyers, provincial, abandon, sake, stars, favour, authorities, worst, sins, right, sinned, over, people, heaven

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